Below you will find a list of financial resources specific to the New York City immigrant community during the COVID-19 outbreak. You may also find resources more specific to your needs from the categories above.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

This organization has a link to Southern Smoke, an organization providing money to restaurant workers and owners. It also has a list of information and resources similar to this one, but directed at restaurant workers, last updated March 15.

Service Workers Coalition

This group, founded by ex-restaurant workers, is giving money to service workers who are sick or quarantined. It says it will try to give workers who have been laid off money as well for groceries and pharmacy costs. Email to apply.

One Fair Wage Service Workers’ Emergency Fund

One Fair Wage provides money to restaurant workers, delivery drivers and other tipped and service workers who have seen their income decline or can’t work because of quarantines or health concerns.


This is a grassroots effort by former service industry workers to connect people to each other. The goal is to provide funds or other help for those who are unemployed or underemployed due to decrease in business and/or closures.

Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

This group provides support to restaurant employees who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 who also have children.

New York State Youth Leadership Council

This group is led by undocumented young people and organizes immigrant youth. They are providing money to undocumented youth and families, prioritizing single parent homes, small kids in the home, LGBTQ people, women-led homes, and people with disabilities.

Join the NYC Democratic Socialists of America Immigrant Justice Working Group

Keep up with our latest campaigns and initiatives, as well as help on projects such as these.

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